What You Should Do to Succeed as a New Manager

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You go the Promotion, Congratulations!!  

So, now what?

Many new first-time managers find that after putting in a lot of work and effort to be recognized for their potential, they face challenges once they step into their new role. You have more responsibility and people to manage. If you don’t have a great support system or guidance from upper management, or you have one or two difficult team members, you may feel overwhelmed or even have a touch of imposter syndrome.

The best way to combat that is having a guideline and plan for yourself in your new role. Here are some of the things that can help you get your bearings, be confident and succeed as a new manager.

  1. Continue to Strengthen Relationships

    Establish a rapport with your team members, take time to meet with them one on one and understand what drives them as well as their strengths, aspirations, and concerns. Understanding personalities and how best to communicate to them will help you mange down and up the ladder. Foster a supportive and inclusive team culture.
  2. Set Clear Expectations and Goals

    Clearly communicate performance expectations and objectives to each team member. Align their goals with the overall team and organizational objectives. Provide guidance on how success will be measured. Set up prescheduled check ins to ask and answer questions and check progress.
  3. Understand Current Working System and Delegate

    Familiarize yourself with the existing processes, workflows, and team dynamics. Delegate tasks effectively, ensuring that workload is distributed appropriately based on team members' strengths and development areas. Make sure there is a process to alert you that assignments are done (and done well).
  4. Communicate Effectively and Create Lines of Communication for Feedback

    Establish open lines of communication, encourage team members to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. The best way to do this is to take a coach approach! Ask lots of open ended questions. Provide regular feedback, both positive and constructive, to foster growth and improvement.
  5. Continuously Learn

    Soak in all the new information that comes with a new position. Once you get the handle of that, keep going and continue to learn more about your field, about trends, and about leadership and management skills. Seek out professional development opportunities, stay updated on industry advancements, and be open to learning from your team members and other leaders in the organization.

Succeeding as a new manager requires a proactive approach and a clear plan – this will help bolster your self-confidence and ability to lead. Strengthening relationships, setting clear expectations and goals, understanding the current working system, effective communication, and continuous learning are key factors that can contribute to success. By building a supportive team culture, establishing open lines of communication, and staying updated on industry advancements, new managers can navigate the challenges of their role with confidence and drive their team towards success. With determination and a commitment to personal and professional growth, new managers can thrive and make a positive impact in their organizations.

If you want support and a clear plan catered to your specific situation and goals, I can help you with that. Hop on a call your shoot me a message and I can start helping you reach higher levels of ease and success in your role.


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