The New Manager's Leadership Course

New Managers and team members who are ready for that big promotion- Assemble! 

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If you are a new manager and want to put your BEST foot forward as you are called on to hit the ground running...

Get into this course that will give you the leadership tools that they don't tell you in corporate training!

Ask yourself:
Are you terrible at self-promotion?
Is sharing your wins in a way that is well-received a struggle for you?

Are your direct reports engaged and excited to do their work....
...or do you find yourself having to finish and even re-do their tasks to make sure they're done right and on time?
Are you getting credit for your work and ideas - or are they being taken by others?
Do you have imposter syndrome, afraid someone will "find you out"? 

Don't let your potential get put on the backburner - join a program that will help you embody your definition of confidence and success! 


This 6 month program will get you to the next level of leadership! 

Aspire to be a leader that stands out! Don't be just a manger, be a leader and stand out in the crowd. 

 Meet with a seasoned Leadership Coach and get curated courses for new managers like you. Overcome Imposter Syndrome and unlock your true leadership potential with our empowering course designed to boost your confidence and skills.

 You're not alone: join a small group of ambitious new managers and learn from each other's experiences.
Grow your confidence in setting expectations clearly Defining and holding accountability Getting buy in and engagement from your direct reports as well as those you report to

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