Reach Your Highest Potential.

We will take your large-scale visions and develop a systematic, step-by-step approach to process creation, performance outcomes and measurable success. I am masterful at researching options, developing detailed strategic plans and then consistently implementing until successful outcomes are achieved. Redefine old systems and develop new ones to serve your needs at the highest quality level.

I work with women 1-on-1 and in my Up-Level Leadership Mastermind  

Unshakable Confidence
Career Clarity

Are you tired of waiting for something to change?

You're on the verge of burn out. You've spent years of education and career to lead you to where you're at now. But now you don't know how to get to the next level of success on your own. The demands on you to excel from others are constant. You're time to "figure things out" is very limited.

You can feel your motivation and inspiration flatlining.

      • You're feeling TRAPPED, shut down or burnt out trying to fit into a picture of work and success that just wasn’t designed for you
  • You're afraid that you're never going to feel like you're doing enough
  • You finally have a seat at the table but your ideas aren't fully seen or hear
  • You want to add real value at work and be peaceful and balanced 
  • You aren't making a real impact at work and are losing steam fast
  • Imagining yourself in this same position ten years from now scares you

Get Clear Steps to Reinvigorate and
Rev Forward
Gain the confidence that clarity brings, create an roadmap to your authentic success, and learn the tools and methods to be an effective and inspiring leader. 

Lasting Confidence 

Never again let doubters or imposter syndrome stifle your success. 

Career Clarity

Achieve the right goals with clarity and route forward that you believe in.

Balance, Finally

Effortlessly delegate, set boundaries and say "no" so you can actually enjoy the life you've built.


"I have to say that Brenda is a great coach.

I can attest to that. And her program was amazing.

She brings so much value to her programs, not just through the program itself.

I can't imagine it without her."


Senior Director 

The plan

Working with me is simple. 

Step 1

Book a call with me and discover the best coaching style that will fit with into your life and suit your goals

Step 2

Start the process of working with me and get greater clarity of your personal and professional roadmap + the skills and methods to accelerate your success.

Step 3

Gleam with a new-found confidence and  leadership skills! See actual results and check off your list of goals!

Brenda Loan Baker

“I highly recommend anyone who is ready to make a change in their life to contact Brenda. She can help you gain the confidence to take that next step.”

Executive Assistant to Olivier Nataf, Global Head of Oncology

Brenda Loan Baker

“I am truly impressed by Brenda's dedication to empowering women, especially in the tech industry. She not only has the knowledge base and experience to be successful but also the empathy and passion to really drive collaborative change.”

Vice President, Membership and Volunteer Engagement at ASIS International