Goal Setting

What to do When You Don't Get the Promotion: Strategies for Moving Forward

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You just got the news: you didn’t get the promotion. You’re disappointed. You’re upset. In fact, you’re pretty pissed off and even a bit humiliated. You put in the work and time but for one reason or another you didn’t get it. So, what now?

Go Through It

First, acknowledge the disappointment. You’re emotional response is valid so give yourself the proper time to deal with it. Eat the pint of ice cream. Watch the sappy comfort movie (mine is Blindside). Call your best friend and talk it out. …

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Wrap Up the Year and Map Out Your Future

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When December rolls around every year, we tend to ask “how is the year already almost over?” Then we have to finish up projects at work, do magic-making holiday activities for our kids, office parties, family dinners, and all the other merrymaking things that come in between. Before we know it, it’s January and we’re back in the office starting our Q1 without having had a moment to take reflect and plan the new year.

Reviewing the past year and planning for the new one is an important part of un…

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